FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Bangor, Maine (January 28, 2019) – New England Fights (NEF) undefeated prospect Josh “Hook-On” Harvey is not intimated by the tough talk of his opponent, longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Bill “Jonesi” Jones. The two are scheduled for a five-round 25-minute Featherweight Championship bout this Friday, February 1st at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine.

“I heard a lot about his interview,” Harvey recently stated to Ryan Jarrell and Bryan Stackpole on the Between Rounds Radio podcast during a remote recording of the show that was heard at the Sea Dog Brewing Company. “I didn’t hear it because I don’t really bother with that… I get enough trash floating around—I don’t need to listen to it.”

Harvey was referring to some strong words that Jones had for him recently during multiple podcast interviews he’s delivered, including one to Between Rounds Radio where Jones predicted a first round knockout victory over Harvey. In the same interview, Jones also criticized Harvey’s ability to make weight, the caliber of opponents that he’s faced, and, specifically, Harvey’s most recent fight—a three-round draw with The Ultimate Fighter finalist Joe Giannetti.

“The truth is, I’ve had struggles making weight as of recently,” Harvey stated.

“Against Giannetti, on three-week’s notice, yes, I missed weight and I think what I did is I shut down that quote-unquote godly jiu-jitsu game that he has,” Harvey explained. “I don’t think there was one successful (expletive) sub attempt.”

Harvey admitted that making weight is always a challenge. He admitted that he walks around at 175-pounds and has even swelled to as big as 190-pounds during an 18-month stretch when he was inactive due to an injury. Harvey also noted that he has made the weight before and anticipates no issues reaching the contracted 145-pound championship scratch weight limit for his showdown with Jones.

“I’ve made championship weight for featherweight before,” Harvey said. “Against [Derek] Shorey, I was ’44.”

During the interview, Harvey acknowledged that Jones has faced an impressive list of opponents during his storied fight career that stretches back almost 12-years.

“I’m a rookie compared to my opponent, he would say,” Harvey stated. “He’s fought a lot of big names, a lot of big guys.”

“I know that he’s fought a lot of big guys, but I think most of them got to the big show after they fought him,” Harvey continued. “I haven’t fought a lot of those names, but I also haven’t lost to a lot of those names.”

Jones has criticized Harvey by suggesting that he “doesn’t like to get, hit” to which Harvey replied simply: “No one likes to get hit.”

“If I can see a fight being finished with me victorious without taking a whole lot of damage—I mean, that’s a no-brainer,” Harvey explained.

Harvey also recognized the similarity in attitudes and fight styles that the two scheduled opponents share. “I typically am the same way,” Harvey said. “I’m going out there to fight to kill, or be killed.”

“I’m prepared for five rounds, but if it goes five rounds it means someone’s not doing their job—me,” Harvey explained. “I’m not doing my job if it goes five rounds because I’m sure within the first few rounds an opportunity will present itself and a missed opportunity is something we can’t have.”

Although reluctant to offer a prediction on how he might finish the fight, Harvey is confident that he will execute another efficient in-cage conclusion on Friday, the kind of performance that has become his calling card since finishing five of his six professional opponents in the first round.

“I can’t tell you when it’s going to happen or whether I’m going to go out there and sub him or I’m going to go out there and knock him out or if it’s going to be first round or if it’s going to be last round,” Harvey said.

“I just want to get out there, put on a show, get the finish, and remain ready to fight again.”

NEF’s next mixed-martial-arts event, “NEF 37: SUB ZERO,” will take place on Friday, February 1, 2019 at Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine with a bell time of 8 pm.  Tickets are on-sale now at

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