FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Westbrook, Maine (April 26, 2019) – New England Fights (NEF) will present its next mixed-martial-arts (MMA) event, “NEF 38: STORMBORN,” this Saturday, April 27, 2019 at Aura in Portland.  Earlier today, the fight promotion held the event weigh-in at the Westbrook Community Center in neighboring Westbrook, Maine.

The official weights from Westbrook, Maine:


Charles Penn (263.8) vs. Ras Hylton (223.0)
Caleb Hall (159.0) vs. Jay Ellis (158.4)
Keegan Hornstra (159.0) vs. Zenon Herrera (154.2)
Bryant Bullock (137.4) vs. Fred Lear (135.2)


Henry Clark (135.0) vs. Kam Arnold (138.0)
Taylor Thompson (133.8) vs. Andrea Howland (134.4)
Duncan Smith (169.8) vs. Jon Tefft (170.0)
Zac Richard (144.6) vs. Tom Pagliarulo (143.4)
Arii Fernandez (148.2) vs. Ryan Savage (148.4)
Justin Philbrook (184.2) vs. Titus Pannell (185.8)
Brian Cosco (157.8) vs. Garry Carr (157.0)
Megan Rosado (138.6) vs. Amanda Bennett (137.2)
Jason Landry (165.6) vs. Justin Boraczek (170.2)
Jesse Fitzsimmons (145.8) vs. Brandon Maillet-Fevens (145.4)
Jordan Norman (180.6) vs. Greg Ishihara (185.0)
Clifford Redman (154.4) vs. Nate White (151.8)
Schuyler Vallaincourt (135.8) vs. Dillon Henry (135.6)
Adina Beaudry (114.2) vs. Traci Baldwin (112.4)

NEF’s next mixed-martial-arts event, “NEF 38: STORMBORN,” will take place this Saturday, April 27, 2019 at Aura in Portland, Maine with a bell time of 7 pm.  Tickets to the event are officially sold-out.

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